Swimming Relay – 2.1.0 – Update

  • Added features:
    –  Setting the number of maximum allowed swimmer’s appearances in the roster (in Preferences)
    –  Sending “ROSTER” data by email
    –  Sending “SUMMARY” data by email
    –  Sorting the relays in the “ROSTER” tab (by using the icon)
  • Small adjustments
  • Target API 5.0

Swimming Relay – 2.0.0 – Update

  • Added ROSTER tab, where you can store selected relay from the RELAY tab (by long click on relay in RELAY tab). Swimmers from selected relay will not be used for next calculation in the same discipline.
  • Added SUMMARY tab, where you can find overview of all relays and swimmers selected to the ROSTER. Total entry fee will be calculated here after filling entry fee data in Preferences.
  • Added option of creating mixed relay 1+3 or 3+1 – M+F (in Preferences).
  • Added option of loading the test database of swimmers to try application functionalities.
  • Small corrections and optimized interface response.

Swimming Relay – 1.1.0 – Update

  • Added new functionality – “Calculation of times of each section of the relay” (the icon next to the application menu) – Utility calculates the individual sections times, and the average time after entering relay split times
  • Adjusted graphics for tablets – larger font
  • Fixed minor bugs